Elexa has a knack for engineering high quality products in short periods of time, and launching them on a global scale.


Our experience in the global patent process is second to none.

Industrial Design

We pride ourselves as superior industrial designers with an eye for detail and usability.

Electrical Engineering

We create fascinating IoT marvels in engineering. We create all or own electronics.

Rapid Prototyping

We are known for the pace at which we bring products to market.


What good is a product these days without top class branding?

Software Development

We write all our code, and pride ourselves on creating bug-free, stable code.

Lean Product Testing

Our method for introducing new products to new markets puts us in a great position.

Omni Channel

Find our brands on Walmart, Target, Amazon, Ebay, Groupon and all other top eTailers.


We make a wide range of products, engineered with love, positioned with care.

Dealers & Distributors

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